Get the Love to Baby button

To add any products from any online store to your gift list you need to install the Love to Baby button:
1. Always make sure your browser bookmarks bar is visible. For example, We couldn't detect your browser! Our site might not be working properly with your browser and we also can't tell you where to turn on the Bookmarks bar, but you can try the Ctrl+Shift+b combination just in case.
2. Drag the "ADD TO LOVE TO BABY" button to your bookmarks bar
3. Once added you can now visit any online store and when you see a product you want to add to your list, simply click on the "ADD TO LOVE TO BABY" button on your bookmarks bar
4. All done installing the button, now start creating your gift list
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Don't forget to check your Giftlist!

How to make boomark bar visible

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