How do I find a giftlist?

There are two options available for finding a giftlist: 1. You can search for the giftlist using your friend or family member name or if you have it, you can use the giftlist name. Please note, if the list is set to private (therefore hidden from the public) you won't be able to search for it. In this case you need a direct link from the family or giftlist creator. If you can find the list and it is password protected, you will need to enter a password to access the giftlist 2. If you received a link via email, simply click on the link and you will be redirected to your friend or family member gift list. Again if the giftlist is password protected you will need to input the password supplied before you can view the list.

How do I purchase a gift?

Once you are on the giftlist page you need to follow the below steps: 1. Click on the “BUY THIS GIFT” button directly under the item. Enter your name and email address – then click “RESERVE AND BUY”. Once done the gift will be added to your ‘reservations page’ 2. In your reservations page, click on “BUY THIS GIFT”, this will redirect you to the retailer site where you can purchase the gift. You can ship the gift either to the Giftlist owners address, details of which are provided on your reservations page or to any address you wish. 3. Once you have purchased the gift, please return to your reservation page to confirm your purchase – this will make sure no on else buys it and prevent the family receiving two of the same item.

How long is a gift reserved for?

Gifts are reserved for one hour. Don’t worry, we do send you reminder emails in case you get distracted and forget to buy the gift. We also send you an email if you have reserved a gift and forgot to confirm the purchase on the site.

If I change my mind can I remove an item from my reservations page?

Of course you can! There is a “remove” button under each item on your reservations page. Alternatively, if you are unable to get to a PC to remove the item, if you don’t confirm your purchase within one hour of reserving it, it gets released and made available to all.

The price of the item on Love to Baby is different from the price on the retailer site

First thing we’d say is, the price of the retailer is correct, so you can continue with your purchase at the chosen site. But please remember to return to Love to Baby to confirm your purchase. Second thing is, of course we do our best to ensure all prices on Love to Baby giftlists are the same as on the chosen retailer sites but unfortunately sometimes we fall out of sync. We are sorry for this inconvenience and are constantly looking at ways to improve the accuracy and consistency of our wonderful Love to Baby button.

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